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What you drink is more important than how much. Essentia’s proprietary ionization process creates a clean, smooth-tasting 9.5 pH or higher ionized alkaline water that’s more effective at rehydrating.

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Premium bottled water is an enhanced version of the typical filtered water. This can include premium spring water, added electrolytes/vitamins, premium packaging, ionization, alkalinity, etc. "The rising levels of disposable income [regular packaged water] markets, coupled with the generally poor quality of tap water, serves to increase the appeal of premium water amongst consumers."

According to the 2016 Global Premium Water Report by Zenith Global Ltd Market Research Reports, "Although growth in the overall packaged water market outpaced that of the premium segment in 2015, premium water has maintained its share of the market due to vast growth in core markets such as Germany and the US."

With extensive research it was found that the number one consumer of bottled water are Hispanic males (millennials) and Hispanic families. However, most brands are targeting professional athletes and Caucasian women/mothers.

  1. Core


  3. Figi

  4. VOSS

  5. Evian

  6. Smartwater

  7. Neo

  8. blk.

  9. Aquahydrate

Brand Analysis: Welcome


Click here to Download Review Summary.docx

The AIO can be seen color coded in the link above. No matter what I do the formatting on this will not stay. As well as random formatting on many other pages.

Activity, Interest and Opinion Analysis

Competitor reviews color-coded for activities, interests and opinions:

1. The Best Remedy for Good Health: A Grateful Testimony
I can't tell you all the medical reasons why Fiji water is good for you - but I can give my personal testimonial about how Fiji water has changed my life. From the age of 35-45 I regularly struggled with gout (a very painful inflammation of the joints - especially big toes). I also had stage 3 throat cancer four years ago which almost took my life. For the past four years I drink a minimum of 1 liter of Fiji water every day and try to walk five times a week. I love the taste, the water makes my body more alkaline (cancer can't grow in an alkaline environment); and I feel the best I have physically in years. I am not a fan of diets at all, but one thing that anyone can do is drink good water on a daily basis. In my opinion I'd rather spend the money to get good drinking water than pay a doctor thousands of dollars for a debilitating illness. I'm no doctor - but I believe that my gout is gone forever and hopefully cancer as well - as long as I keep giving my body what it craves - natural drinking water that helps my body perform at a high level of energy every day. I sleep better, feel stronger, and am satisfied with my favorite drink the way God intended it - naturally.

2. Love the taste. Hate the price.
Fiji water is my favorite! I really enjoy the taste, but it's so expensive! I had a gift certificate and splurged on this water, but it'll be a long time before I buy more. Our tap water is good enough to drink so this is really just a special treat for me. I can't complain about the service or shipping. The seller was top notch and if you're buying this water, you probably already know that it's good. I just wish it was more affordable. On the upside, the bottle is very pretty too so I think I'll drink the water and then keep re-using the bottle and refill it with tap water. No one will know but me.

3. Excellent tasting water despite packaging
I've been drinking Fiji water for a few years now because the water where I live is absolutely horrible! I usually buy them in the store when I'm running errands and have never had a bad experience. Prior to ordering the Fiji water, I was subscribed to Icelandic which IMHO is ONE of the best bottled water you can buy. The taste is really unmatched. The down side is that Icelandic is extremely expensive. Fiji for me is a good runner up. The bottles are easy to hold and pretty to look at while drinking. I don't think their packaging is environmentally safe other than BPA free and recyclable (guess that better than nothing) because it feels like the thicker plastic. What I've been doing is reusing my Voss bottle and pouring the water into this glass bottle which is safer to keep in a car.

4. This water was not my favorite until recently
This water was not my favorite until recently, I used to love propel. One day I looked at the nutritional value and saw the sodium was fairly high considering that a majority of water of water says 0%. This realization totally blew my mind and I immediately starting research better water. I've now changed to FIJI water. This is an alkaline water, which is much better for my skin because with sodium in a water, I felt that it was causing me to retain water. An alkaline water will help maintain the PH balance in your skin. Now that I've switched to Fiji, I really love the taste. I've found that the amazon price point is better than other brick and mortar stores. I'm still looking into other options to see if I can find a lower price point.

LIFEWTR Reviews on Amazon

  1. Designer Water
    Okay, I like water...not love it. But since we're made up of mostly water we need it. I try whatever I can to make sure I get water into my body. So I also thought how cool it can be to have a designer bottle as well. My kids drank most of it (these are soda and juice teens) and loved it! I had only 2....but I thought it was smooth and okay. I was a little disappointed that they were all the same design. So if I put mine down I didn't know if it was mine, my son's, or my daughters. But I liked it, I will order again.

  2. Better H2O
    I just discovered this brand of water yesterday when I happened to see it on the shelf at my grocery store. I despise water. I have lived a life in a moderately dehydrated stage because I just can't stand water. Really. When I DO drink water, it must be flavored...although my brain screams at me that the artificial flavoring is not a good thing. Still, it seems to be the lesser of two evils. But, I liked the way this bottle looked so, oddly enough, I thought maybe I would like the way the water tastes, too. (It made sense in my brain for the half second I thought it). I bought a bottle and took it to work with me and started the usual day long process of having the full bottle in front of me on my desk while I shuffle paperwork around it like it's not there. At least it was prettier than the usual water bottles. Eventually, after several hours, I decided to take a sip. And, whoa! It wasn't awful! I don't really know how to explain the flavor or, really, the lack of whatever it is in water that makes it taste bad. But this water doesn't have it. It tastes clear. If you know your different water tastes, Aquafina is the worst one to me that has whatever that taste is I am referring to. So, I got down 1 whole liter of water yesterday! And, today, I went by the store and bought 2 more bottles. Just finished off the second one! Now, during my 900th trip to the potty today, I figured I would order a few 6 packs from Amazon and share my experience in case there are any other people out there with a hatred of water but a willingness to try a new brand!

  3. Yassss LIFEWTR
    I'm obsessed with this water! The bottles are beautiful. Makes me feel less guilty about buying bottled water vs. something reusable, given the art on the label. Can't wait to see what the next series of label art is! Can't imagine why someone would choose Smartwater over this when (IMO) the taste is exactly the same - LIFEWTR is just prettier!

  4. Great taste in such a pretty bottle
    I just received this today. I opened a bottle thinking I would sip on it all day. I consumed it in just one sitting. This could become addictive. I guess a slightly expensive water habit has a host of health benefits. I highly recommend this water.

Review Summary

Activities: Health benefits (4), reuse bottle (3), expensive (2)

Interests: Health (4), environment (2), art (1)

Opinions: Great taste (6), nice looking bottle (5), expensive (2), better than other waters (2)

Conclusions: Psychographic lifestyle profile of the target customer—people who drink bottled water truly prefer taste, want something that makes them feel good/is healthy, is not too expensive, has a nice-looking bottle, and is environmentally friendly.

Customer Profiles:

  • Water Snob: People want their water to taste good especially when paying more for it. They are willing to pay a premium price for the right taste. This customer is someone who knows what they want from their water and won’t settle for second fiddle.

  • Health Nuts: Reviewers tend to really want their water to have the added benefit of health. These health nuts already know drinking water is good for you but want to take it to the next level. They find premium water to be that next step which means their water need to give them something the typical water doesn’t be it hydration or healing.

  • Water Hippie: This is the artistic environmentalist. They want to know when they drink their water they’re being environmentally sound. It’s not worth their health to hurt the earth. At the same time their artistic and want a little flair to their bottle. Something that says look at me I’m different and my water says so.

Brand Analysis: Text


Competitor brand promise

Figi is a different type of premium water. They use the slogan is "EARTH'S FINEST WATER BOTTLED AT THE SOURCE, UNTOUCHED BY MAN." They claim to be from the one of the "last virgin ecosystems" making their water more pure than other premium waters.

"It all begins



over 1,600 miles from the nearest continent


purified by equatorial trade winds


surrounded by ancient, dormant volcanoes


it gathers minerals and electrolytes that create FIJI's soft, smooth taste


protected and preserved from external elements until you unscrew the cap"

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Brand Analysis: Video
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Competitor Brand Promise

LIFEWTR uses the slogan, “Inspire the mind, restore the body.” They call their water inspirational. They state that inspiration is as important to life as water. They have several artists to decorate the four bottle options a consumer has to choose from.

Brand Analysis: Text
Brand Analysis: Image

"Watch our awe-inspiring Super Bowl ad and see inspiration rain down over an entire city. Two-time Oscar® winner, Robert Stromberg, directed our first ever commercial, which features music from ten-time Grammy® award-winning artist John Legend."

Brand Analysis: Video

"Watch how Craig & Karl turn LIFEWTR bottle into a canvas for new art. Despite living an ocean apart, Craig & Karl consistently collaborate and regularly exhibit their striking, bold art. Their goal is to create an image that’s looking forward into the future. See the process behind their work, and why they are excited to partner with LIFEWTR to bring art and inspiration to our water bottles." Learn more at

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The Essentia brand promise

Description of the brand: Essentia is a premium bottled alkaline water that goes through an ionization process to remove impurities, then vitamins are replaced and electrolytes are added (for taste). Essentia has been proven to rehydrate better than the leading bottled water according to a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Brand promise before AIO analysis: "Better Rehydration"

Revised brand promise: While providing the health benefits of better rehydration, we also strive to be environmentally sound, with a touch of class, all while tasting amazing.

Essentia describes in detail from the clinical study to athletes that drink the product how it rehydrates better. Using photos of athletes to show the dehydration process to this text:

"Essentia ionized alkaline water was tested in a hydration study, the first of its kind for a bottled water. It has been scientifically shown to rehydrate better. All water is not created equal."

Essentia does not do such a great job on social media reflecting the brand promise.

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Brand Analysis: Text
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